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Neurological and Physiological Rehabilitation

The Diagnostic Center

The focus of our work at the Diagnostic Center for Developmental Diagnostics is the early detection and support of babies and toddlers. At ADELI, we understand the importance of precise diagnostics in the context of child development and are committed to supporting each child individually and with the utmost care.

Our diagnostic philosophy

Focus on early childhood development

Our aim is to optimally support the development potential of babies and toddlers through early diagnosis and support. The development diagnostics at ADELI Medical Center are specially geared towards the needs of the youngest children and are carried out by an experienced team of specialists. We attach great importance to recognizing and supporting each child's individual development path.

Interdisciplinary team for development diagnostics

Our interdisciplinary team, consisting of specialists in the field of early childhood development, works closely together to ensure that children receive comprehensive assessment and support. This collaboration enables us to look at developmental processes from different perspectives and develop individually tailored support strategies.

Our commitment to children and their families

We understand that a child's development is not only a medical challenge, but also an emotional one for the whole family. At the Diagnostic Center for Developmental Diagnostics, we offer comprehensive advice and support for parents and relatives. Our aim is to create a trusting and open atmosphere in which families feel understood and supported.

At ADELI Medical Center's Diagnostic Center for Developmental Diagnostics, we pride ourselves on creating an environment where children and their families receive the best possible support for healthy development.

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