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News from ADELI

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Here you will find current articles and news about the ADELI Medical Center and the ADELI family.

ICAROS: Innovative rehabilitation using virtual reality

Adeli goes AAC - work in progress

A leap forward in neurorehabilitation. The Icaros System at Adeli Medical Center

New therapy option at ADELI Medical Center: ICAROS - VR System

ADELI brand new - Now even more patient-centered and innovative!

The pride of ADELI: a great team of therapists and colleagues of the hotel and restaurant.

Encephalitis (inflammation of the brain) was and always is the reason why 5-year-old Paul must be diligently rehabilitated

Covid and neurological symptoms

Intensive rehabilitation is always necessary after severe injuries

Our visitors claim that they have never seen anything like what we are doing at ADELI

Spinal cord infarction is a rare, dangerous condition. Even rescue workers often have difficulty recognizing it

Children with SMA exercise their muscles after receiving Zolgensma at the ADELI Center.

The effects of rehabilitation in the ADELI suit are many times higher!

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