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1st pillar of the ADELI concept

Intensive and individual therapy - Maximum therapy successes

We offer highly intensive and effective therapy based on patients' individual needs and goals. With 24/7 care, 6 hours of daily therapy and a multidisciplinary team, ADELI Medical Center is an outstanding facility that achieves optimal results for its patients. The combination of state-of-the-art therapy approaches, science-based methods and dedicated staff makes ADELI Medical Center a unique facility where patients can achieve their personal goals and improve their quality of life.

  1. 24/7 support

    A personal caregiver is there for the patient around the clock. This continuous support ensures that patients always feel safe and in good hands. This is particularly important for building trust during the intensive therapy process.

  2. Up to 6 hours of therapies daily

    Every day, patients receive up to 6 hours of intensive treatments and therapies. This high intensity cannot be found in any other medical facility. This allows patients to achieve their individual goals faster and improve their quality of life.

  3. In use throughout

    The ADELI Medical Center also treats patients at weekends and on public holidays. This allows patients to enjoy therapy weeks without idle time and unnecessary waiting. The therapy week is intensive and should be used as such in order to achieve the best possible progress. The ADELI Medical Center is only closed for one day at Christmas. Compared to other medical facilities, they usually have a break at weekends and on public holidays or charge very expensive surcharges. At ADELI Medical Center , every day is a working day.

  4. Individual therapy plans

    Every patient receives an individual treatment plan at ADELI Medical Center that is tailored to their specific needs and goals. This enables focused and targeted treatment that optimally supports the patient on their path to recovery.

  5. Intensive therapies

    The therapies at ADELI Medical Center are extremely intensive and designed to push patients to their limits with fun and games so that they can learn to overcome them. Whether neurotherapy or physiotherapy, mental and physical progress can only be made if you overcome your own limits. In contrast, other facilities usually do not take patients to their limits, which limits progress.

  6. Up to 4 therapists simultaneously per patient

    For most therapies, up to 4 therapists are available at the same time. These provide multidisciplinary treatment and together guarantee the correct execution of all therapies. Other facilities usually have only one therapist, which can affect the effectiveness of the therapy.

  7. Adaptable therapeutic approaches

    The therapeutic approaches at ADELI Medical Center are flexible and adaptable. This means that they can be continuously reviewed and adapted during the course of therapy to ensure the best possible outcome for each individual patient.

  8. Focus on independence and personal responsibility

    At ADELI Medical Center , the focus is on helping patients to promote their independence and personal responsibility. This is done through targeted exercises and activities aimed at helping patients to improve their abilities in everyday life and lead a self-determined life.

Our programs

For each age we offer a holistic program.

Our therapy programs are individually tailored to the needs of our patients.

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