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An internationally renowned rehabilitation center

About Adeli

Learn more about ADELI Medical Center as well as our team of medical professionals.

The ADELI concept

ADELI Medical Center is known worldwide and specializes in the treatment of patients with neurological deficits. It has a long experience in neurorehabilitation and uses modern technologies, which makes it a pioneer in the treatment of damage to the central nervous system.

The ADELI Medical Center

Adeli Medical Center is an internationally renowned rehabilitation center specializing in the treatment of patients with neurological impairments.

The location (Piestany)

Piestany is a beautiful spa town with a long history and tradition in curing diseases and ailments. The spa of the same name is known worldwide for its treatments for scoliosis, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, rheumatism and gout. The thermal springs, warm mud pools and sulfurous water offer a natural and effective way of rehabilitation.

Our team

Adeli Medical Center places special emphasis on ensuring that patients and relatives feel at home with friends or family from the very beginning. Even before arrival, patients have a caregiver at their side who provides advice and assistance with all preparations and during their stay.

Success Stories

Our heroes tell their stories.

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