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Our team

The Adeli Medical Center attaches particular importance to ensuring that patients and relatives feel as if they are in the care of friends or family right from the start.

Even before arrival, patients have a caregiver at their side who provides advice and support in all preparations and during their stay. This allows the patient to concentrate fully on the success of the therapy, while the caregiver takes over all the necessary organizational tasks.

The medical team

At ADELI Medical Center , high quality standards are met and exceeded every day. A dedicated team of highly qualified staff ensures that patients receive first-class treatment. The multidisciplinary medical team is made up of a specialist in neurology, orthopaedics, several therapists from various disciplines such as physiotherapy and occupational therapy as well as reflex and manual therapy, nurses and medical masseurs. A speech therapist is also available if required. The aim of the team is to provide individual and comprehensive treatment to help patients recover.

Our multidisciplinary medical teams consist of:

- a specialist in neurology

- several therapists from different disciplines (including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, reflex therapy and manual therapy)

- Nurses and medical masseurs

- a speech therapist, if required

Our programs

For each age we offer a holistic program.

Our therapy programs are individually tailored to the needs of our patients.

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