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2nd pillar of the ADELI concept

Strong together - Focus on family cohesion

Through the second pillar of the concept, "Strong together - Focus on family cohesion", we offer comprehensive and holistic care for patients and their families. The various aspects of this pillar contribute to families feeling supported, understood and in good hands at ADELI Medical Center.

  1. Personal advisor

    At the ADELI Medical Center, each patient and his or her family is assigned a personal caregiver. This person not only ensures the best possible care during the therapy week, but is also available for questions and support before and after the stay. The personal caregiver is an important point of reference for the entire family and helps to make the stay at the ADELI Medical Center the best possible.

  2. Family members are welcome

    ADELI Medical Center attaches great importance to the active involvement of patients' relatives in the therapy process. They are welcome to be present during the therapy period and can be accommodated in the Center's family-friendly apartments. This allows families to experience the therapy process together and support each other.

  3. Community with other affected families

    The ADELI Medical Center offers numerous opportunities for the exchange and networking of affected families. Through joint activities and events, contact between families is encouraged, allowing experiences and knowledge to be shared. This community helps families support and learn from each other.

  4. Support for relatives

    ADELI Medical Center recognizes the challenges of caring for an impaired family member. Therefore, the center offers special support services for family members to help them cope with these challenges. These include psychological counseling, information sessions and workshops on various topics related to caring for and living with impaired individuals.

  5. Long-term support and supervision

    ADELI Medical Center strives to continue to assist its patients and their families after their stay at the Center. Through regular follow-up visits, telephone consultations and social media exchanges, the center stays in touch with its patients and accompanies them on their further journey.

  6. Inclusion and participation

    ADELI Medical Center is committed to ensuring that all patients and their families can live and learn in an inclusive environment. This includes making the center barrier-free and accommodating special requirements and needs of patients and families.

  7. Individual consulting and planning

    The ADELI Medical Center staff is always available to patients and their families for individual counseling. They help with planning the stay, the therapy and the organization of leisure activities and excursions. This individualized care helps families feel well taken care of at the ADELI Medical Center and make the most of their time there.

  8. Leisure activities together

    ADELI Medical Center offers a variety of joint recreational activities for patients and their families. These activities not only promote cohesion and exchange between families, but also enable shared experiences and recreational moments. Examples of such activities are family parties, joint excursions or the weekly children's disco.

  9. Promotion of independence and self-help

    An important aspect of the work at ADELI Medical Center is to promote the independence and self-help of patients and their families. Through targeted therapy approaches, individual counseling and support, patients are empowered to recognize and use their own abilities and resources. This helps them to lead a self-determined life in the long term.

  10. Emotional support and care

    ADELI Medical Center places great emphasis on addressing not only the physical and cognitive aspects of treatment, but also the emotional needs of patients and their families. Compassionate care and professional support ensure that families feel emotionally uplifted and understood.

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