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ADELI Medical Center specializes in the treatment of a variety of neurological conditions and impairments specialized. In particular, these include conditions that result in motor limitations, such as stroke, brain injury, spina bifida, cerebral palsy, Parkinson's disease and multiple sclerosis. Patients with neurodevelopmental disorders such as developmental delays, autism and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can also be treated here. The ADELI Medical Center offers individualized therapy based on the needs of each patient and the latest scientific findings. The goal is to improve patients' motor skills and well-being and help them lead active and self-determined lives.

To get more information about costs, free appointments and the like, you can contact ADELI Medical Center directly. You can do this by email, phone or by using the contact form on the center's official website. The center's staff will be happy to answer all your questions and provide you with more information about the different therapy programs, prices, availability and payment options.

To find out if rehabilitation at ADELI Medical Center can help in a particular case, a prior medical consultation is usually recommended. Such a consultation may be with a neurologist, rehabilitation physician or other qualified physician. Medical history, current physical condition, and the nature of the neurological injury will be considered during the consultation to make a recommendation for the best treatment. ADELI Medical Center also offers the option of an online consultation with a qualified physician, where the case is reviewed in advance and a recommendation for appropriate therapy is made.

The assumption of treatment costs by the health insurance company depends on various factors, such as the patient's country of residence, insurance status and the type of treatment. It is therefore advisable to contact one's own health insurance company before beginning therapy at the ADELI Medical Center to clarify which costs will be covered and which conditions must be met. The ADELI Medical Center also offers support in the processing of cost coverage by health insurance companies.

Travel to and from Piestany is usually by air, as the nearest international airport is in Bratislava, from where there is a direct bus or train connection to Piestany. Alternatively, a private transfer can be arranged. It is also possible to arrive by car or train, but this involves a longer journey time. Before traveling, patients and their relatives should inform themselves about the currently valid travel rules and regulations. ADELI Medical Center also offers transfer from Bratislava or Vienna airport and other places for an additional fee.

Yes, German is also spoken at the ADELI Medical Center. The center's employees are usually multilingual and can also communicate in German. There are also special contact persons who speak German and can help with questions or problems. In addition, there are also German-speaking doctors and therapists who specialize in treating patients and who speak German. This is especially important for communication during therapy to ensure that instructions and exercises can be carried out correctly. Overall, the ADELI Medical Center is very concerned with providing patients and their families with a pleasant and uncomplicated experience, while also catering to their language needs.

To register themselves or a patient for therapy at ADELI Medical Center, interested parties can fill out and submit the online registration form on the official website. Alternatively, they can send an email to the center or call to get more information and complete the registration by phone. It is recommended to register in advance to ensure that there are enough free dates for the therapy.

The cost of accommodation depends on the category chosen and the length of stay. A detailed price list is available upon request from the ADELI Medical Center. Payment for accommodation is usually made on site in cash or by credit card.

At ADELI Medical Center, it is recommended to bring comfortable and functional clothing suitable for exercises and therapy sessions. It is also important to bring comfortable shoes with non-slip soles. If certain medical devices such as orthotics or prosthetics are used, they should also be brought. It is also recommended to bring personal items such as toiletries, medications and important documents. There are also stores near the ADELI Medical Center where you can purchase additional items if necessary.

Yes, special meal requests and diets can be accommodated at the ADELI Medical Center. When registering, you will be asked about any allergies or intolerances, and meals can be customized accordingly. However, it is important to indicate these wishes at the time of registration so that the kitchen team can plan accordingly.

As a family member, there are several ways to make the time during therapy sessions at ADELI Medical Center meaningful. There are several cozy lounge areas in the center where you can relax and read books or exchange ideas with other relatives. In addition, there is the possibility to explore the surroundings of Piestany, to visit the thermal bath or to make trips to the surrounding towns. The ADELI Medical Center also offers special services for accompanying persons, such as yoga and Pilates classes or excursions to the surrounding area. One can also use the stay as an opportunity to do something good for oneself and participate in therapy or relaxation classes, for example. It is important to take care of one's own health and well-being during the stay at the ADELI Medical Center in order to be able to support the patient in the best possible way.

The intensive rehabilitation program at ADELI Medical Center can be strenuous, as it aims to improve patients' physical abilities. However, the therapies are designed to be adapted to the individual needs and abilities of the patients. There are usually short breaks between therapy sessions to recover and regenerate sufficiently. If a longer break is needed, this can also be discussed with the therapist. However, it is important to note that the rehabilitation program is designed to maximize patients' progress, and therefore it is important that they do their best and work hard to achieve their goals.

Yes, at ADELI Medical Center there is always a doctor or nurse on site to assist with medical emergencies. In addition, there is close cooperation with local hospitals and clinics in case referral or further medical care is needed.

At the end of the rehabilitation stay at ADELI Medical Center, a final examination is performed to evaluate the patient's progress. The results are discussed with the patient and his or her family, and an individualized post-discharge treatment plan is developed. The patient also receives a detailed report on the rehabilitation process and recommendations for continued rehabilitation and home care.

The frequency and intervals of visits to the ADELI Medical Center depend on various factors, such as individual rehabilitation needs and progress during therapy. However, regular follow-up is usually recommended to maintain the progress made and to make further progress. Specific recommendations for follow-up care are determined individually for each patient after completion of the rehabilitation stay.

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