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Čertova pec

Čertova pec is an archaeologically interesting tourist attraction in the middle of beautiful nature. There is a cave here with traces of settlement by prehistoric people from the Ice Age. The complex also includes two enclosures for wild animals. Čertova pec is located 15 km from Piešťany in the direction of Topoľčany, at an altitude of 253 m.

Park miniatúr Podolie

Hlavná 864
Podolie 916 22
Tel: +421 (0) 32/743 75 05

Between the castles of Čachtice, Beckov and Tematín, which are worth a visit in their own right, you will find this unique park with 180 miniatures of historical buildings. If you want to see what castles, fortresses and churches looked like 300 - 500 years ago when they stood in their full splendor, visit the miniatúr park in Podolie, just a 15-minute drive from Piešťany.

Trnava - historical center

Trnava was traditionally one of the most important centers of the Roman Catholic Church in Slovakia and is also known as "Little Rome" or "Slovak Rome" due to its many churches. The charming town, just a 30-minute drive from ADELI, offers a varied program of concerts, exhibitions, shopping and sports facilities (modern water park https://aquaparktrnava.sk) all year round.

Trenčiansky hrad

Matúšova 19, Trenčín 912 50
Tel: +421 (0) 32/743 56 57

Trenčiansky hrad is a national cultural monument and the characteristic landmark of the town of Trenčín. Guided tours of the castle are available every hour from 10:00 to 15:00 from October to May. In the summer season, tours start every 20 minutes from 9.30 am.

Nitra - historical center

Nitra is a beautiful historic city that stretches over seven hills, home to two universities and the dominant Nitriansky hrad. It is worth a visit not only for the beautiful shopping centers with elegant cafés, but also for the palaces, churches and the unique diocesan library in the upper part of the city. Nitra is about 50 km away from ADELI.

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