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ADELI, 28.10.2023 at the Eurovea in Bratislava

ADELI Medical Center invites you to the event "Can Man Triumph Over Stroke?" at Eurovea in Bratislava, where the innovative ICAROS technology, which revolutionizes training and rehabilitation through virtual reality, will be presented.

ICAROS transforms training and rehabilitation into an exciting experience. Virtual reality expands the possibilities in fitness and is also designed to help achieve health goals. Head injuries and strokes are not rare unpleasant surprises, especially for those who lead active lives. It is important that the general public is well informed about the mechanisms of effective rehabilitation. For the brain affected by long-term oxygen deprivation, all forces and proven know-how must be mobilized. ADELI Medical Center has 20 years of experience in effective neurorehabilitation and is currently expanding its therapy portfolio with the innovative technology of ICAROS devices, which promises even more "wins" for people.

ADELI Medical Center invites to Eurovea in Bratislava on Saturday, October 28, 2023, for the event "Can Man Triumph Over Stroke?". Visitors (preferably those who need to regain their motor and cognitive abilities) can try out the challenges of ICAROS devices in virtual reality for free and get valuable advice on rehabilitation of severe brain injuries and after strokes.

Revolutionary novelty: high-tech devices from ICAROS. Thanks to ICAROS, a patient can transform into an athlete? Virtual reality is the new ace in the field of wellness and fitness and, of course, becomes an important assistant in achieving rehabilitation goals. What a disease limits in humans is being replaced by virtual reality. Simulating flying, snowboarding or skiing in different environments stimulates more intense and frequent training for the patient. The sense of accomplishment through measurable results is a great motivator on the short and long road to health restoration.

After severe cranial injuries or strokes, only daily training of several hours can bring back lost motor and cognitive abilities. However, after an accident or stroke, people are often skeptical of intensive effort, without mood, will and sometimes outside support. Virtual reality brings the patient places he liked, motivating him to train. The illusory world of OCULUS glasses knows no barriers and also arouses amazement and curiosity. Training with the support of virtual reality immerses the patient in an environment that he has lost because of his condition, for example, beautiful mountains. In spectacular scenarios, the person simulates flying, paragliding, skiing, etc. with limited movement in a horizontal or vertical position and only by moving his body. By measuring performance, he sets more challenging goals for himself and competes both with himself and online with other competitors. There has even emerged a worldwide community of people who organize ICARACE competitions.

Although ICAROS equipment meets all the criteria for 3rd millennium fitness, it also scores well as equipment in orthopedics and neurology. The greatest added value for well-motivated patients is the recording of greater progress in a shorter time. Especially for patients with brain and head injuries after accidents or strokes, exercises with ICAROS provide encouraging results: Control over hand and foot movements improves, the trunk is strengthened, balance is established, and stability is gained. On a cognitive level, concentration, reaction and communication skills improve.

At the event "Can man triumph over stroke?" at Eurovea in Bratislava, visitors can try out both ICAROS devices free of charge. Experts from Adeli Medical Center from Piešťany will be available to interested parties and their companions. From 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., there will be an opportunity to discuss rehabilitation management issues with physiotherapists, a neurologist and a clinical speech therapist.

Improvement in health status is possible to varying degrees in individual cases. The hope of restoring abilities after severe interventions in the human nervous system depends primarily on rapid medical assistance and immediate rehabilitation intervention. ADELI Medical Center has 20 years of experience in therapeutic methods for restoring motor and cognitive abilities in humans. The methods of dynamic proprioceptive correction are based on the so-called neuroplasticity of the brain and are a proven means of improving the function of the nervous system. The ICAROS devices are available at ADELI Medical Center as complementary therapy to the inpatient program as well as individual therapy. For more information, visit www.adelicenter.com.

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