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Covid and neurological symptoms


"If neurological symptoms and cognitive disorders remain or occur after overcoming the infectious phase of Covid, these are manifestations of a post-Covid state," - says Dr. Inna Durda, Head of Oxymed, the hyperbaric oxygen therapy department at ADELI Medical Center in Piestany, Slovakia.

"Of the more than 200 post-COVID symptoms, many are in the nervous system, including impaired concentration and memory, "brain fog," or headaches. Covid-19 also increases the risk of neurological disease, a new study from the University of Oxford shows." - writes the science magazine spektrum.de.

Dr. Durda backs up her observations of more than 60 postcovid patients in the Postcovid Rehabilitation Program: "It's hypoxia, the insufficient supply of oxygenated blood to the body, and all sorts of body organs suffer from it. Covid, unfortunately, can also damage nerve tissue. Hyperbaric oxygen is the only treatment that can directly affect the cause of a neurological condition. In the 75-minute sessions during hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), oxygen is inhaled at elevated air pressure. The brain tissue is supplied with an oxygen concentration that is close to 100%, five times higher than that in the air. The working pressure in the chamber is 2.5 to 3 times higher than the atmospheric pressure. A complete saturation of hemoglobin by oxygen occurs, which has a stimulating effect on damaged cells in areas with low blood flow. There is an exponential increase in the partial pressure of oxygen and its physical distribution in the blood plasma. Dissolved oxygen remains in the body and supports repair and regeneration processes, among other things by improving metabolic function in the cells. Our experience shows that 30 sessions (exposures) are the threshold for a lasting effect in many patients. The result is a lasting improvement in brain tissue functionality."

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