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Early intervention: the importance of diagnostics and therapy

Discover how early diagnosis and specialized therapies at ADELI Medical Center can support the development of premature babies and children at risk.

Premature babies and children with developmental risks: If there is even a slight suspicion of a central tone disorder, a visit to the diagnostic center and rehabilitation according to the instructions of specialists is necessary.

In this article you will learn:

  • A child's development does not necessarily have to be natural and physiologically correct.
  • What kind of support the ADELI diagnostic center in Piešťany offers for children at risk.

Play, movement and communication are essential for every child from birth. At ADELI Medical Center , we meet children every day whose development is at risk, i.e. delayed. A first signal for parents should be the diagnosis, which doctors often refer to as CTP - Central Tone Disorder or Central Nervous System Disorder. It is not always mentioned, but these children definitely need therapeutic intervention. They need activation of the "dormant" neural connections so that communication between the cerebral hemispheres can take place with increasing intensity. Otherwise, the consequences of delayed development can have a negative impact on a person's overall development. Not all developmental risks can be prevented by attention and effort. However, many permanent damages in the future can be prevented by intensive training from the beginning of life.

Why is a baby's development only looked at more closely when there are visible problems? Cribs, equipment, a new home - all this is of course important for the arrival of a new family member. However, if a child is born prematurely or with complications, it is necessary to pay attention! Carelessness can cause something essential to be overlooked: the steady development of the child's motor and communication skills.

The first few months of a child's life are particularly crucial for their motor and cognitive skills. The first year of life is the time of the most striking brain development and therefore the best opportunity to promote the baby's brain activity. Development takes place through stimulation from the environment, in particular through stimulation of sensory perception and motivation to move independently.

At the diagnostic center for the development of babies at ADELI Medical Center , we are dedicated to the diagnosis of babies from the 28th day of life. The examination lasts 45 minutes and consists of a thorough observation and analysis of the child's motor dispositions and a discussion of proposed solutions. Possible solutions include recommendations for home exercises and/or outpatient therapy visits at ADELI. For example, Vojta therapy is a recognized method for helping children who were born prematurely or have delayed or delayed psychomotor development for other reasons.

During the diagnostic examination, parents also learn how to rehabilitate with the child at home, how to handle the baby, how to carry the baby and how to develop the baby's cognition.

We strongly recommend diagnosing the baby's development whenever delayed development is suspected. During the sensitive phase in the baby's first year of life, we all have a great opportunity to promote human development and increase the chance of a healthy life.

The diagnostic center at ADELI is open every Wednesday. You are welcome to make an appointment using the contact form at www.babymed.sk or by calling 0907 974 088.

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Dr. Peter Oríšek is a pediatric neurologist and head physician of the BabyMed department at ADELI Medical Center.

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