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Adeli goes AAC - work in progress

How can you improve communication for people who don't have verbal language?

AAC in its original meaning - Augmentative Alternative Communication - pursues the purpose of building bridges. An almost insurmountable gap in communication is given a real path through the use of alternative forms of communication. Many people have no or inadequate verbal language. AAC helps to overcome these barriers by using symbols (pictures), electronic and non-electronic aids. Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) is a scientific field where there is still a lot of research to be done. We at Adeli Medical Center want to put it into practice.

Traditionally, communication with clients has been the domain of speech therapy. Clinical speech therapists are always striving to better communicate with patients and develop their communicative skills. Now we would like to go one step further.

AAC/UK is to be established throughout Adeli Medical Center . This requires great commitment from all employees and an equally great willingness on the part of our patients to embrace new things. Of course, a client's communication is very individual and much depends on how they perceive the new environment/therapy. In an initial consultation at the beginning of the stay, we would like to find out together with the patient what needs to be done to improve the UK/AAC for the time at Adeli Medical Center . In close cooperation with the speech therapists, the communication services should then be designed in such a way that they really help the patient to better express their thoughts and needs, as well as their emotions.

We have agreed on the Metacom symbolic language (©️Metacom Anette Kitzinger). These symbols are to be implemented throughout Adeli Medical Center using visuals. Many of our patients are already familiar with Metacom from home or school. It is therefore logical to continue using these symbols.

Throughout the building, visual concepts are to be offered that provide orientation (guidance system) on the one hand, but also communication panels for interactive communication on the other.

Of course, using symbols alone is not enough. Adeli goes a step further here. With the Metacom symbols, it is possible to form complete, grammatically correct sentences. But this requires the electronic form of communication using tablets and computers. These are gradually being adapted and adapted to the needs of the patients or to the forms of therapy.

In order to realize our heart project the AAK/AAC/UK at Adeli Medical Center , we have decided to work together with Ms. Petra Zehentner. Ms. Zehentner is a trained communication pedagogue for AAC and herself the mother of a child with a speech impairment. She manages the Adeli goes AAC project and is responsible for the implementation and realization of AAC. Ms. Zehentner will also be available to ADELI guests from September 2023. Simply ask your assistant or write to info@adelicenter.com.

"You can't not communicate" (Paul Watzlawick).

This sentence stands for itself. Adeli wants to understand, make understandable and translate the clients' communication. It is about building bridges and avoiding misunderstandings that arise from a lack of communication. AAC always strives to improve a person's communication. This will also be Adeli's goal for our patients' stay.

And as far as we know, in ADELI we are the first and only rehabilitation center to implement Metacom symbols to such an extent.

From September 2023, Petra will be at ADELI Medical Center every Monday for advice and discussions.

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