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ICAROS: Innovative rehabilitation using virtual reality

Revolutionary rehabilitation: ICAROS combines physiotherapy and video games for stroke patients.

The latest equipment from the renowned ADELI Medical Center is revolutionizing rehabilitation after a stroke. The unique combination of physiotherapy and video games opens up promising possibilities for patients' health. In this blog post, we take a look at the exciting development and share an inspiring success story.

Post-stroke challenges:

Strokes in young people are increasing at an alarming rate, according to experts at ADELI Medical Center and statistics. The effects of a stroke are life-threatening and the brain suffers damage due to lack of oxygen. Returning to normal life requires intensive rehabilitation that takes into account the extent of brain damage, rapid medical assistance, successful surgery and immediate therapeutic measures.

New hope with ICAROS:

An impressive success story illustrates the innovative approach of the ADELI Medical Center. Romana Vlková, a young woman, first suffered a broken foot that healed slowly. But then she was unexpectedly struck by a stroke that turned her life upside down. Thanks to immediate surgery and a quick recovery of her paralyzed left side of her body, she was lucky. Nevertheless, she began a series of endless rehabilitations to improve her gait and stability.

The question of the most effective method to improve motor and cognitive functions was on the minds of the experts at ADELI Medical Center. And this is where ICAROS comes in. Romana was the first patient to train with the innovative ICAROS Health and ICAROS Flight devices. The training combines video games with physical therapy exercises that involve earning points and competing. The fun aspect of the training motivates not only Romana, but also other patients with special needs who have an emotional response to success and failure.

Movement on the ICAROS equipment is done through specific body movements, which provides amazing stimulation for the brain while keeping the entire body fit. ADELI Medical Center experts observe the effects on movement coordination, stability and balance in neurological patients. The biggest benefit, however, is that patients can regain control of their bodies, even after a stroke or serious injury. This significantly reduces the risk of falls and injuries.

Romana is a living example of the success of ICAROS rehabilitation. She has already made many happy steps into a new life and we wish her a continued happy flight with ICAROS.

Learn more about ICAROS at ADELI Medical Center and read the Slovenka magazine article that also covers the topic.

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