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New therapy option at ADELI Medical Center: ICAROS - VR System

In our constant pursuit to provide our patients with the best and most up-to-date therapeutic approach, we at ADELI Medical Center are pleased to introduce the revolutionary ICAROS system.
A leap forward in neurorehabilitation. The Icaros System at Adeli Medical Center

This Munich-developed system has already caused a worldwide sensation and uniquely combines fitness with an interactive VR-based experience, promising immense advances in neurorehabilitation.

What is ICAROS?

At first glance at ICAROS, you might think it's a modern fitness device or an advanced VR station. In reality, however, it is so much more. ICAROS is the fusion of physical training and the magic of virtual reality. With this system, our patients can immerse themselves in awe-inspiring landscapes, whether it's flying through the skies, diving into unexplored oceans, or racing on futuristic tracks - all the while exercising their physical and neurological abilities.

Why did we choose ICAROS?

ICAROS has two specialized devices: ICAROS Health and ICAROS Guardian. Both specifically target core and balance training, two key aspects of neurorehabilitation. In conventional rehabilitation, training can often be monotonous and exhausting. Here, ICAROS offers a refreshing change of pace. Immersion in VR worlds significantly increases the motivation and engagement of our patients, which can lead to better and faster results.

Added value for our patients

In addition to the physical benefits, ICAROS also offers psychological benefits. Rehabilitation can be a long and often challenging process. ICAROS can help make this journey a little easier and more interesting. Through the VR experience, patients can detach themselves from their current environment and immerse themselves in a world where they can constantly redefine and expand their boundaries.

Future and vision

At ADELI Medical Center, we have a vision to constantly rethink and evolve neurorehabilitation. With the introduction of ICAROS to our Center, we have taken another step toward that vision. We believe this technology will change the way we think about rehabilitation and look forward to accompanying our patients on this exciting journey.

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