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Our visitors claim that they have never seen anything like what we are doing at ADELI

Working at ADELI is sought after by many young as well as experienced professionals because it offers a unique, valuable and enriching life experience. Our guests from other medical centers and students - future healthcare professionals - also speak of ADELI as an exceptional place full of motivation, inspiration, professionalism and opportunities for professional and personal growth. The therapeutic teams are not just well-coordinated units; they are close colleagues, often even friends. Collaboration on resources and methods is critical to successful neurorehabilitation.

The authentic experience at ADELI is created by the people and the dynamic process at ADELI, which ticks like Swiss clockwork. The therapeutic program for each patient resembles a timetable and is followed precisely. Whether staff or clients, everyone has their place, their plan and their goal. The days are filled with meetings, communication and necessary relaxation and rest.

Recently we had two pleasant visits. Mrs. Claudia Poidock and neurologist Dr. Ivan Szabó received special pedagogues from the primary and practical school in Český Brod. The medical director of ADELI, Dr. Kristína Šugárová-Saienko, together with the senior physician of the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Department, Dr. Inna Durda, and the director of the ADELI Foundation, Ing. Zuzana Cyprichová, focused their attention on future graduate nurses from the Secondary Vocational School in Nitra.

Our visitors claim that they have never seen anything like what we do at ADELI. Well, such a comprehensive, intensive and multi-faceted rehabilitation program with the possibility of therapy in a hyperbaric chamber and other additional therapies, the comfort of a hotel, excellent catering and a holiday-style recreational program is not easy to find! We would also like to thank our colleagues Nina Hudáková and Lucia Patrovičová for their excellent cooperation in organizing logistics for visits and accompanying our guests.

Social responsibility is one of the many tasks of our center's existence. We are pleased that we can inspire and set an example of high-quality therapy and teamwork. If you would also like to visit ADELI Medical Center with a group of interested people and experience ADELI live, please fill in the contact form on this page. We will get in touch with you.

Are you interested in working at ADELI? You can also send us your proposal for employment or collaboration by filling out the form.

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For each age we offer a holistic program.

Our therapy programs are individually tailored to the needs of our patients.

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