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ADELI Medical Center - 20 years of commitment to the development of children

The first 1000 days of a child's life determine how successful its future will be - especially when it comes to challenges such as infantile cerebral palsy. For 20 years, ADELI Medical Center has been dedicated to the care and therapeutic intervention of children and adults with the consequences of this disease. Our ADELI Baby ZONE makes it possible to identify motor problems at an early stage and intervene to prevent long-term damage. On the occasion of our anniversary, we are offering free diagnostics and raffles for therapeutic stays. Don't miss the chance to ensure a healthier future for your child. Visit our website for more information and terms and conditions!

There is no greater worry for parents than a diagnosis such as infantile cerebral palsy in their child. The first 1000 days of life are crucial for a child's future development. For 20 years, ADELI Medical Center has been dedicated to caring for children and adults with the consequences of infantile cerebral palsy. To mark our 20th anniversary, we would like to highlight some of our initiatives and successes.

ADELI Baby Zone - early detection and intervention:
Our ADELI Baby ZONE is a mobile unit for monitoring the psychomotor development of babies. In collaboration with the ADELI Foundation as part of the "Keys to a Healthier Future" project, we are committed to identifying motor problems in babies at an early stage. Missed early intervention in at-risk children can lead not only to movement problems later on, but also to cognitive deficits. Early intervention, on the other hand, promotes the child's brain development and prevents permanent damage.

Prof. Dr. Heinrich Binder, medical advisor to the ADELI Medical Center, explains: "If a child shows particular signs in the first year of life, such as unprocessed primitive reflexes or high or low muscle tone, this is a sign of immaturity of the central nervous system. You must then do everything in your power to find out whether infantile cerebral palsy is actually developing or not."

Deployment at the Festival of Health:
Our mobile unit ADELI BABY ZONE was recently part of the Festival of Health in Bratislava. The relaxed atmosphere made it possible for parents to have their children diagnosed in a fun and stress-free way. We gained valuable experience here and were able to offer many families helpful guidance.

The importance of early development:
The first two years of a child's life are crucial. During this time, gait develops, motor skills are formed and a normal movement sequence should be established. At ADELI Medical Center , we emphasize the importance of early and competent therapy. Without physiotherapy, a pathological movement pattern can develop that is difficult to correct.

Prof. Dr. Heinrich Binder continues: "Nothing works without physiotherapy. You need a competent therapist. The decisive factor is the time and extent of brain development that takes place in the first 1000 days of a child's life."

Practical examples from the ADELI Baby Zone:
Our work is not limited to babies. A large number of parents and grandparents with older children and adolescents suffering from the consequences of infantile cerebral palsy contact us regularly. For example, the grandparents of a partially immobile 20-year-old recently visited us to find out about treatment options.

Frequently asked questions and concerns:
We encounter numerous questions and challenges during our visits. Many parents come to us with babies who are lagging behind in their motor development, with abdominal diastasis, reflux, unilateral muscle preference, scoliosis or flat feet. We do everything we can to advise these families and show them suitable therapeutic goals, and we are convinced that no one has regretted entrusting us with their problems.

Appeal to responsible parents:

  1. Free diagnostics: If you know someone who would like advice on their child's development, please do not hesitate to contact ADELI Medical Center . The first 10 interested parties will receive a free diagnosis. Simply register on our website www.adelicenter.com and enter the keyword "ADELI BABY ZONE" in the comment field.
  2. Prize draw for a therapy stay: Interested parties can also take part in our prize draw for a 500 euro voucher for a therapy stay at ADELI. All parents of children under the age of 2 with developmental delays, feeding problems or minimal communication skills are welcome to take part.

We would like to encourage all parents to ask questions and seek help. Our decades of experience show that much can be achieved through early intervention and targeted therapies. Together, we can shape our children's future in a healthier and more promising way.

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