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Post Covid Rehabilitation Program

Post-covid syndrome, known as "long covid," affects patients who have survived the acute phase of COVID. Despite not being infected, they often suffer from fatigue and other symptoms. ADELI Medical Center offers an intensive rehabilitation program for such patients, including breathing exercises, massage, aromatherapy and more.

As confirmed by practice, patients who have already survived the acute phase of COVID and are no longer contagious often continue to suffer for many months from chronic fatigue syndrome and symptoms codified as a disease called postcovid syndrome Long Covid.

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Based on unique experience and therapeutic approaches at ADELI Medical Center, we have prepared a new intensive rehabilitation program especially for patients suffering from the consequences of COVID-19 disease.

According to the Australian study listed below, which is also cited by the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic, up to 56% of patients showed lung damage three months after recovery from COVID-19 disease.

The Post-Covid Rehabilitation Program is designed for patients suffering from the sequelae of respiratory disease and internal organ dysfunction, especially those with a moderate course of COVID-19. According to the LANCET study, up to 76% of people with a severe course of COVID-19/hospitalization have persistent symptoms for up to 6 months after discharge from the hospital!

The result of post-covid rehabilitation is regeneration of the internal environment of the organs, increased lung capacity and complete oxygenation of the blood. Post-covid rehabilitation literally brings a person back to life.

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This refers to a disease that includes the entire group of symptoms after overcoming the acute phase of COVID-19 disease. Typical symptoms are insurmountable fatigue and malaise, shortness of breath even with the slightest movement, as well as speech, cough, joint pain, loss of smell, taste and others.


Intensive post covid rehabilitation addresses post covid and similar conditions following acute illnesses, such as polyneuropathy, myopathy, and post intensive care syndrome.

Post covid rehabilitation is also required to address secondary neurological complications, impaired pulmonary function (respiratory insufficiency), cognitive dysfunction, dysfunction in managing common activities, swallowing and communication disorders, post covid psychosis, and memory impairment.


Rehabilitation goals are personalized, that is, set individually according to the patient's needs.

Main program:

    • HBOT
    • Medical proprioceptive gymnastics
    • Mind Sound Resonance Technology (MSRT)
    • Breathing exercises to balance the autonomic nervous system - twice a day
    • Respiratory Physiotherapy
    • Stimulating massage
    • Spirometric respiratory training
    • Meditation + sound therapy + aromatherapy

Supportive therapy:

    • Hydrotherapy / Cryo / Mud
    • Medical laser / ultrasound
    • Meditation + sound therapy + aromatherapy
    • Herbal therapy
    • Run 3 km or dance 30 minutes


Respiratory physiotherapy, post covid respiratory rehabilitation and the whole complex of supporting therapies restore the functionality and capacity of the lungs, relieve the heart and vascular system, support digestion, detoxify the whole organism, accelerate the function of the nervous system, glands with internal secretion and stabilize human immunity. Rehabilitation has a positive effect on the patient's health both physically and psychologically. The patient's eligibility for the Post-Covid Rehabilitation Program is determined by a team of experts at ADELI based on medical documentation. The recommended minimum rehabilitation period is 2 weeks.


The post-covid rehabilitation program is based on an integrated effect on body, mind and spirit. A multidisciplinary approach guarantees the rehabilitation of all systems of the human body. Restoration of the organs' functionality is achieved through the rehabilitation intervention, which is exceptional in its concentration and complexity at ADELI. The intensity of post-covid rehabilitation and the composition of therapies are always based on the current health and psychological condition of the patient. Post-covid rehabilitation treatment is accurately evaluated through medical testing before treatment begins, during therapy, and after therapy is completed.


Early post-covid rehabilitation supports definitive treatment of the consequences of severe infection in the body and prevents chronic disease.

Hyperbaric chamber therapies (hyperbaric oxygen therapy HBOT) have a significant impact on post covid disease.

Learn HERE more about rehabilitation programs after the Corona Crisis.

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